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Scotty James serenading people door-to-door with his guitar, marking the start of the Songheart journey.
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The Songheart Story: How a Knock Changed Everything

The Serendipitous Encounter

The Songheart story is truly an underdog tale, showing how two founders came together during a serendipitous evening to create one of the leading custom song companies. It all started with a simple serenade. In 2010, a young musician named Scotty James was going door-to-door to raise money for his first album. Armed with a guitar and a dream, he hoped that his music could make an impact—enough to fund his recording project. Little did he know that one knock on the right door would change everything.

The Chance Meeting

The door he knocked on belonged to Johnny Ioannou, a music manager. Scotty sang him a song called “Wanna Be Loved,” and Johnny was blown away by both the courage of the serenade and the quality of the song. By the end of the night, Johnny had invested in Scotty’s album and agreed to manage his career.

A Billboard Hit and More

Fast-forward a year, and that same song hit #20 on the Billboard charts and earned a Canadian Radio Music Award for Best Mainstream Artist. And the most amazing part? They did it all without a record label. The duo experienced success, but also challenges and nearly landed a major record deal.

Johnny and Scotty, the founders of Songheart, celebrating after winning a Canadian Radio Music Award in 2013.

The Pandemic Shift

When the pandemic hit, everything changed. Live performances halted, and the music industry as a whole faced unprecedented uncertainty. Scotty and Johnny parted ways, but their friendship remained. It was during one of their regular video calls in 2021 that the idea for Songheart was born.

Songheart: The New Vision

The goal was simple: create personalized songs to bring people closer together, especially during a time when everyone was isolated and separated from loved ones. They wanted to capture stories and special moments, turning them into meaningful original songs that celebrate love, heal hearts, and express emotions words alone can’t capture. >>>From Door-to-Door Serenades to Billboard Hits: Watch the Songheart Underdog Story!

Building Something Special

Songheart became more than just a custom song platform—it became a way to support artists from around the world, providing them with new revenue streams while creating unforgettable gifts for customers. It’s not just about music; it’s about building connections and sharing joy through the power of personalized songs.

Join Us on This Journey

Today, Songheart is a leading custom song company that turns personal stories into unique songs. Join us on this journey, and let’s create something special together. Create your custom song today and turn memories into melodies that last a lifetime.

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