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For an extraordinary custom song experience that goes beyond the ordinary, Songheart elevates your gifting to the next level. If you're seeking more than a simple custom song, Songheart is your choice. We specialize in creating professionally recorded custom song videos that let you see and feel the emotion. You can also get your song in an MP3 file to play on any device, including streaming it on Spotify or Apple Music. Songheart uses only a small team of premium and award-winning artists, no more searching 1000s of artists to write your song.

Our custom songs in video format are perfect for sharing intimate one-on-one moments or creating cherished memories with loved ones in a group setting. Each video features a heartfelt artist performance and dedication, enhancing and personalizing your gifting experience. Songheart delivers an unparalleled gifting journey.

Unmatched value for custom songs! Our custom song packages start at just $139 USD for a 30-day delivery - no hidden fees! Our song packages include a personalized song, heartfelt artist performance, custom dedication, and a keepsake lyric sheet you can frame - delivered via email. Need it sooner?

  • 7-day package: $159
  • 72-hr package: $199
  • 24-hr package: $259
  • Diamond Artist Package: $299 (delivered within 10 days)
  • Submit Your Own Lyrics: $179 (delivered within 7-days) 

Seeking something truly special and affordable luxury for your personalized song? Look no further than our exclusive Diamond Artist Package, priced at $299. In this premium offering, Songheart collaborates with highly acclaimed, distinguished, billboard-charting, or award-winning artists. These experts are carefully chosen to suit your unique taste and style, ensuring an unparalleled musical masterpiece.

Diamond Artist songs are delivered within 10 days or at least 3-days before your occasion date, with Songheart meticulously selecting the best available artist for your song. Elevate your gift-giving experience with this premium offering for those truly special moments.

Yes, absolutely! Many customers are harnessing the power of AI to create their own lyrics or have a special song they wrote in the past or a cherished poem. With Songheart, you can explore our Lyric Song package for $179. This unique offering allows you to submit your written lyrics or poem and have your song delivered within 7-days. Our skilled artists will transform your submission into a personalized song, adding small tweaks to make sure its perfectly crafted.


Curious about what makes Songheart stand out in creating exceptional custom songs? Our Artists! We're committed to showcasing only the best premium and award-winning artists. Unlike other companies with extensive rosters that turn picking the best artist into a nerve-wracking and daunting experience, we've carefully curated a small dream team. This ensures that each personalized song exceeds your expectations. Whether you pick an artist from our roster, someone similar, or let Songheart choose, rest assured we're the music experts dedicated to ensuring your ultimate happiness with your song.

Absolutely! Adding a custom dedication to your personalized song is a wonderful way to make it truly special. imagine the artist speaking directly to your loved one, making the moment even more extraordinary. During checkout, you'll have the chance to provide specific details for your dedication. ensuring a truly personalized and memorable song.

You will receive our digitally delivered song and lyric sheet directly to your inbox. The YouTube link can be set to either private or public, giving you control over the sharing options for the artist's live performance and dedication. If you ordered a MP3, the digital file will be sent to your inbox as well. 

Choosing between a Video Custom Song and a Studio Recording Custom Song offers distinct musical experiences tailored to your preferences.

Video Custom Song (Starting at $139):

Captures the heartfelt performance and acoustic charm, enhancing emotional connection. Delivered via video for a genuine, visually engaging experience. Comes with professional audio quality and the option to add an MP3 and digital streaming. Ideal for those seeking a special, personalized touch at a lower cost, perfect for sharing in intimate or group settings.

Studio Recording Add-On ($195):

Embodies a refined sound with professional arrangements, offering a different auditory experience. Perfect add-on for those desiring an alternative listening experience with a more produced sound. Available for customers who want to enhance their song further after experiencing the unique charm of the Video Custom Song.

Explore the detailed qualities of each option to find the perfect match for your musical journey. If you've started with a Video Custom Song and wish to have an alternative version with a different sound experience, consider this add-on anytime. At Songheart, the choice is yours, and our offerings are designed to cater to your unique preferences.

At Songheart, we believe in offering a complete and immersive experience for our customers. While some companies may provide a snippet at a small fee, we've opted for a different approach. We've found that a song, with its intricate elements and emotions, can only be truly appreciated when crafted in its entirety. Our commitment to our artists' motivation and the quality of the final product means that you can trust in the fullness of your custom song when you choose Songheart. Plus, rest assured that an award-winning music manager has assembled our winning team, boasting a high proven track record of success. All our songs are backed by the Songheart Happy Guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction with the completed masterpiece. Our goal is to provide a seamless and rewarding experience for both our customers and our talented artists.

Don’t worry! We have a proven track record of delivering thousands of songs that exceed our customer’s expectations. In the rare event that you do not like the song, we will give you one FREE revision as long as it’s minor in nature. If we made a mistake that was different from the story you provided, we will most definitely revise it at no charge. We cannot rewrite an entire song or change the melody or structure as this would be considered major.

To maintain the integrity and essence of your song, our artist’s goal is to create a timeless song for you to cherish for years, not a song-o-gram that is a literal interpretation of your story. We aim to find a happy balance to your song using the details you provided and metaphors that describe how you feel about that person and why they are important to you! To sample the type of songs you can expect from Songheart, browse through Our Songs section. Take note of any artist that you like and we’ll do our best to assign them or someone similar to your song!
Once your song details are submitted, our goal is to assign the artist to your song so they can begin working on it immediately. This makes it challenging to accommodate changes to your story unless the artist reaches out to you asking for more information. If there are more details that you want to be added to your song, such as an extra verse, you can always order a Song Extension as an upgrade at www.songheart.co/upgrades

Every song is custom written to tell your unique story therefore we cannot refund because the artist will have already been paid.  We have a very strict vetting process that we use to select our team of artists to ensure our high standards are met for each song i.e. lyrics relate to your story; vocals are on key; and quality recording. If any part of your song does not meet our standards outlined here, please let us know within 3 days of receiving your song and we will review on a case by case basis and fix it if necessary at no charge. Because music is subjective, simply not liking the song or melody is not reason enough to warrant a refund. In that case, you can pay for a revision to cover the artist’s time to rework another reiteration of your song.