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Our full length custom songs package offers a personalized written song consisting of two verses and a chorus, plus a keepsake lyric sheet in PDF format, along with personalized artist dedication. The song will be inspired by the story and genre/style preference you provide at the time of checkout. Custom songs are between 2.10- 3.5 minutes in length and delivered via YouTube for easy streaming and listening. 

We offer different packages to suit your needs. The prices in USD are as follows:

  • 30-day package: $129
  • 7-day package: $159
  • 24-hour package: $199
  • Diamond package: $299 (Includes a highly acclaimed and distinguished or award-winning songwriter or artist who will write the custom song)

The delivery time varies based on the package you choose:

  • 30-day package: Delivery within 30 days
  • 7-day package: Delivery within 7 days
  • 24-hour package: Delivery within 24 hours
  • Diamond package: Delivery time will be discussed upon order placement

Although rare, sometimes there are instances that are beyond our control that affect delivery time like studio closures, pandemic travel restrictions, etc. Please refer to Terms of Service for more information.

Songheart only works with the best songwriters who have a proven track record of writing custom songs. Songheart will assign one of their talented artists most suited for your song based on your story and style/genre. Your artist will both write and perform your personalized song. For the Diamond package, a highly acclaimed and distinguished or award-winning songwriter or artist will be assigned to create your custom song.

Absolutely! Your artist will read and incorporate the custom dedication you provide, adding a personal touch to the song.

Our songs are delivered digitally via email. You will receive a YouTube link featuring a recording of the artist performing the song, along with the dedication. The video is branded with Songheart and provides a gifting and surprising experience, perfect for sharing in a group.

In addition to the full length songs package, we offer the following add-on packages to enhance your song experience:

  • Studio recording
  • Lyric video
  • Song extensions
  • Full studio production

Please note that all prices and package details are subject to change. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our customer support team.

We want our customers to be wowed when they get their song! Songheart artists are a select group of talented and highly acclaimed songwriters hand-picked by co-founders Scotty James and his former music manager who together earned a Canadian Radio Music Award in 2013 after hitting #20 on the Billboard Charts. Rest assured, the artist that is assigned to your song has been carefully vetted by Songheart’s executive team to make sure you get the highest quality song possible!

Don’t worry! We have a proven track record of delivering thousands of songs that exceed our customer’s expectations. In the rare event that you do not like the song, we will give you one FREE revision as long as it’s minor in nature. If we made a mistake that was different from the story you provided, we will most definitely revise it at no charge. We cannot rewrite an entire song or change the melody or structure as this would be considered major.

To maintain the integrity and essence of your song, our artist’s goal is to create a timeless song for you to cherish for years, not a song-o-gram that is a literal interpretation of your story. We aim to find a happy balance to your song using the details you provided and metaphors that describe how you feel about that person and why they are important to you! To sample the type of songs you can expect from Songheart, browse through Our Songs section. Take note of any artist that you like and we’ll do our best to assign them or someone similar to your song!
Once your song details are submitted, our goal is to assign the artist to your song so they can begin working on it immediately. This makes it challenging to accommodate changes to your story unless the artist reaches out to you asking for more information. If there are more details that you want to be added to your song, such as an extra verse, you can always order a Song Extension as an upgrade at www.songheart.co/upgrades

Every song is custom written to tell your unique story therefore we cannot refund because the artist will have already been paid.  We have a very strict vetting process that we use to select our team of artists to ensure our high standards are met for each song i.e. lyrics relate to your story; vocals are on key; and quality recording. If any part of your song does not meet our standards outlined here, please let us know within 3 days of receiving your song and we will review on a case by case basis and fix it if necessary at no charge. Because music is subjective, simply not liking the song or melody is not reason enough to warrant a refund. In that case, you can pay for a revision to cover the artist’s time to rework another reiteration of your song.