We’ve all heard the old saying, “what to get dad?” or “dad’s got everything”. Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your dad or the special man in your life just how much he means to you. Traditional gifts like ties, gadgets, and bbq accessories are always appreciated, but what if you could give something truly unique and memorable this year?

So, how about a custom Father’s Day song?  Songheart original songs offer a heartfelt and personalized way to express your love and appreciation, making it the perfect gift for  Father’ s Day. It’s a gift that goes beyond the material, creating a memorable experience that your dad, husband, or special man will treasure forever. 

Here’s your Customer original songs make the perfect father’s day gift because it allows your to express how you feel about dad by reminding him about all the superhero moments growing up and the special bond you developed together. Let’s face it, expressing your feelings can be hard. 

At Songheart, we house a team of the most distinguished professional songwriters who can take your story, feelings, and moments and weave them in to create a beautiful custom song that dad will forever cherish, heck, there’s a good chance he may get teary eyed with sentiment.

Question we get asked a lot: What should I write about in my story? We know it’s tough to sum up a lifetime of dad stories, shared moments, and epic fails, so we compile a list of 5 themes to help conjure up some ideas to include in your story when making a custom song for Father’s Day. 

Here are 5 ideas to help you write the perfect song for Dad:

  1. The Epic Dad Moments: Think about the times dad went above and beyond. Did he build you a treehouse? Coach your little league team? Teach you how to skate? Recall those superhero moments!

  2. Dad’s Funniest Fails: Let’s face it, dads aren’t perfect. Remember that time he tried to fix the sink and flooded the kitchen? How about his cringe dance moves? These hilarious mishaps or embarrassing moments make great song material and will have everyone laughing.

  3. Words of Wisdom: What’s the best advice Dad ever gave you? “Never give up champ” or “I believe in your dreams”.  Whether it’s serious life lessons or quirky tips, these nuggets of wisdom are pure gold.

  4. Favorite Memories: Gather stories from each kid or family member. Maybe it’s a memorable road trip, a family holiday, or his famous bbq chicken recipe everyone loves. These shared moments make the song personal and touching.

  5. Dad’s Unique Quirks: Does he have a catchphrase? “Ready to Rock and roll?”. A favorite hobby? Capture those little things that make dad, well, dad. It’s these unique traits that make the song truly special.

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift?

Not to worry, Songheart has you covered. Our team of premium and award-winning artists will work with you to create a song that tells your dad’s unique story. Whether you want to celebrate his life, express your gratitude, or share your favorite memories, our artists will craft a song that captures the essence of your relationship. With delivery options starting at just $139 and including 24-hour turnaround, you can surprise your dad with a custom song even at the last minute.

>>>Start your song today!

If you want to make your song gift extra special for Father’s Day, consider adding a beautiful acrylic 6×6 in songbloc that reads “The Best Dad Ever” as displayed in the graphic above. Our Songblocs can be personalized with any message you choose and will play your custom song when the barcode is scanned. Perfect gift to commemorate your song and remind dad or the special man in your life, just how important he is. Ideal for his desk and office.

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